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Group's business philosophy is "people-oriented, technology-first" five-star hotel in order to ensure regulatory Wanxi operation, specially invited JinLing Nanjing hotel management company management, its professional management team, a new management concept, in order to Wanxi enhanced brand hotels.

Objectives and mission
Foundry service industry leading brand, a successful career, achievements you and me.

Core values
Hard work, the impossible becomes possible.
Others in good faith, can be touched by other people touched by their own.
Wolf shape of the team, sincere cooperation, professional dedication, harmonious and enterprising.

Business philosophy
Create value for guests, in order to create well-being of employees,
Create benefits for enterprises, create wealth for society.

Work ethic
Attitude is everything, the success of the details of the decision.

Management concept
Customer-oriented and employee-centered.
To the quality of the soul to the source of culture.

The concept of talent
Han,ÈÝÈË, employment, education.

Service concept
Enthusiasm, standardized, high-quality and efficient.

People-oriented and de-centered, little improvement, beyond the self.
Iron discipline, love of management, but is used
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